We know that your events are not just gatherings but pivotal moments that represent your brand's vision and achievements. Our mission is to tell your corporate narrative through the power of cinematic storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and driving engagement among your customers.


We understand that each artist and brand has a unique story to tell. Our mission is to listen to translate your ideas into compelling visuals that bring your music or brand promotion to life in unique ways. 

Whether it's a music video that evokes emotions or a promotional piece that showcases your brand's identity, our cinematic approach captures the goal of your message. 

Package Includes:
  • 4 Hours of Capturing Your Video
  • Edited Video and Highlight Clips for Social Media
  • BTS Content 


CMoon Productions is your partner in crafting captivating corporate event videos that showcase your event's success to attendees, customers and stakeholders.

With a keen understanding of the corporate world's demands, we specialize in capturing the essence of team meetings, annual conferences, and other corporate gatherings. Our expert videography services go beyond simple documentation; we artfully weave storytelling into every frame.

From the heartwarming interactions among your team members to the powerful moments of your conference, our cinematic touch ensures that your event's success and the essence of your brand are beautifully preserved on film. 

Package Includes:
  • 4 Hours of Capturing Your Event
  • Edited Event Recap and Highlight Video for Social Media


Corporate Events + Conferences

Starting at $1,200

We’re passionate about providing expert videography to keynote speakers, capturing their high-energy speeches at conferences, educational events, and team meetings.

With our meticulous attention to detail, we expertly capture the essence of your speech, allowing you to showcase your passion and knowledge to potential clients, leading to more bookings and event engagements.

Package Includes:
  • 4 Hours of Capturing Your Event
  • Edited Event Recap and Highlight Video for Social Media
  • Client and Audience Testimonials

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Starting at $1,200

Music Videos + Promotional Content

Starting at $1,200

Do you need help crafting the perfect package for your event?

Schedule a call with the Chris Moon Videography team to build a package that aligns with your goals.

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Joel, DJ + ACTOR

From product promotion, auditions, interviews and creativity videos, this company has helped me capture the moment perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Brandon, The B. Rich Project

Chris has taken our organization to new heights. We have seen a growing connection with our target market and sponsors through the creativity of CMoon Productions media services.

We work with you to choose music that ties into the vision you have for your corporate event or keynote. As a part of your video package, we provide thousands of music options for you to choose from, plus we can help you choose something that we believe aligns with your style.

I would like music added to my corporate video. How does that work?

We know that perfect sound and lighting quality of your event video is crucial. After speaking with you to discuss the format and setting of your event, we will bring all equipment needed (cameras, A/V equipment, and additional lightning) to ensure your video is presented in a flawless manner.

What gear do you bring to my event?

We do! We’d love to collaborate with you to provide both videography and photography for your upcoming event. Please connect with our team to discuss package enhancement options.

Do you offer Corporate event photography?



Yes! We do offer certified drone videography for corporate events or music videos in approved FAA locations. Please contact our team to discuss this enhancement and to build your custom event package.

We guarantee you will receive your edited video(s) back in one month or less. That’s right, you’ll receive your full event video and highlight clips back in 30 days or less, following the final day of your event or film shoot.

Yes, we do! We are more than happy to divide payments up to make your event video more accessible to you. Please contact us to discuss options that would be the right fit for you and your budget.

Do you offer drone videography for my event or music video?

When will I get my event or music video(s) back?

Do you offer payment plans?

Corporate Video Production in Central Florida

Through our customizable videography packages, we help you dream up your vision and bring it to life through cinematic visuals. Our corporate video packages for conferences, team meetings, music videos, or promotions serve clients across Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and beyond in states like North Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, and California.


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